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Venue Entertainment

Let us take the hard work out of booking musicians for your venue.

Here at Unplugged Entertainment we pride ourselves on taking on only the most experienced and professional performers in Melbourne - so you can be guaranteed that every night at your venue is complimented with the perfect vibe for your clientele.

Furthermore we only aim to service venues who fall in line with our brand so we are selective in who we like to work with given our higher end of talent. In this way we can guarantee a more personalised relationship with our venues as we actively look to further leverage your brand through our entertainment and associated promotions. You won’t regret booking with Unplugged!


  • No running around after musicians worrying about schedules

  • If a musician is ill or suddenly becomes unavailable at late notice for unforeseen circumstances, we are able to replace them quickly with another high-quality artist so your events are always covered. Too often we hear stories of ‘no shows’ or at the other end of the spectrum, double bookings.

  • Having Unplugged Entertainment as your resident agent means we can keep incidental costs and time juggling multiple artists down. A residency means we have continued work and can keep our pricing competitive and consistent, alleviating the issues associated with freelance artists, often with varying costs and reliability!

  • The peace of mind that comes with the backing of our business. All of our artists have public liability insurance, and all their equipment is in check and they will bring spare leads etc to cover themselves in case of any issues on the day or evening of their performance.


  • We also have streamlined accounting systems meaning we stay on top of everything for you and our friendly, professional service means we are just a phone call or email away.

Like to discuss live music at your venue?

Call us on 0488 202 929 or email us and we can discuss your requirements for your venue entertainment.

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