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Unplugged Live music for your special event

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience peace of mind by entrusting the music for your event to a professional outfit with a wealth of gig experience. With their ability to read the crowd and create the perfect atmosphere, our acts will ensure that your event is nothing short of exceptional.

  • How long is a standard acoustic set?
    A standard acoustic set lasts 45 minutes with 15-minute breaks.
  • Can we see the act play live before we decide?
    Yes, not a problem! Please see our gig guide on our home page, or send through an email and we can give you dates on when the act is playing. Let us know if you are planning on seeing the act, so we can brief them on your details :)
  • Cover/Shade for acts
    For outdoor events, our artists require protection from the elements, including rain and sun, to ensure optimal performance of their equipment.
  • What information do we need to give you before the day?
    We have a wedding portal that we give you access to, which creates a web page for you and our acts. This has all the information they need for the day, including key songs, timings, and any setup requirements. The act will also touch base with you close to the date, and we will liaise with yourselves and the venue to ensure a stress free process!
  • Does my DJ have a list of songs I can choose from?
    Our DJs have an extensive catalogue and access to various platforms, so they don't provide a pre-made list. You can discuss your preferences directly with them.
  • Do you provide music between the musician's sets?
    Yes! All our guys have generic playlists they provide, but if you want to tailor a list please send us a Spotify playlist. You can also provide the artist(s) with an ipod or phone with music on it which they can connect to their PA system.
  • Can we customize our package?
    Our packages are flexible and customisable.Chat with your booking manager to see what options are available.
  • Can we use the artist's microphone?
    Our artists are happy to lend their microphones for speeches. Special requests can be made if your celebrant needs to use the artist microphone, although we generally recommend against it.
  • Can a friend or family join my artist for a song?
    Requests for a friend or family member to join the artist for a song will depend on the artist's comfort level and can be discussed with your booking manager.
  • Can I see my artists live before my wedding day?
    Some artists perform publicly, and you can inquire about public gig dates through your booking manager.
  • Can we customise a package to our needs?
    Of course you can! We have put together the most common and popular packages, but our artists and team love a challenge and can put together whatever you need! Just chat to us during the enquiry process.
  • How long is the aisle song during the ceremony?
    Our musicians coordinate with your celebrant to set the pace. Live music adapts to changes like walking pace variations, ensuring a seamless ceremony.
  • What if our ceremony lacks power?
    No problem! We provide battery-powered sound systems for soloists, duos, or trios at an additional cost of $250 + GST if the artist doesn't already have one.
  • Can my recessional song be live?
    Absolutely! If you prefer a live recessional song, our artists are happy to provide. However, consider using an iPod for a more high energy volume/atmosphere.
  • Does my artist(s) require a meal on the day?
    For artists on-site for more than four hours, a provided meal is kindly requested.
  • Artists Dietary Requirements
    Find all our artists' dietary requirements in your wedding portal dashboard.
  • Will the artists manage music between sets and do they provide their own playlist?
    Our artists handle all music on the day, including in-between sets, bridal entrance/exit songs, and special moments songs (first dance, father-daughter dance, etc.), unless a separate DJ has been organised by the client. They can use their own playlists or you can create one and upload the link to your wedding portal.
  • Can you learn a song for our wedding?
    Our guys are happy to learn 1-2 songs for your key moments on the day! They have extensive song lists as well, so please check if your request is already on there, but if not they would love to learn a song that means something special to you! Just add to your wedding portal once you have chosen your songs.
  • Can we secure performers without finalised timings?
    Absolutely! Secure your chosen act with a deposit, and we'll block the date. We can work on confirmed timings and details closer to your wedding date.
  • Can I speak to the artist before my wedding day?
    At Unplugged, you have the unique opportunity to speak with your artist before the big day. Typically, artists prefer to chat during the wedding week to keep things fresh in their minds, but special requests for earlier calls can be accommodated.
  • Can my artists learn any songs?
    Our acts can learn 1-2 songs for special moments such as the aisle or first dance.
  • What's the cost of relocating between multiple locations?
    There are no relocation fees. Our packages cover all hours, including travel time between locations. If you need additional coverage, we can customise your package accordingly.
  • What is the split between acoustic and DJ sets for a hybrid artist?
    We recommend no more than 3 hours of active dance floor DJing at the end of the night, with a typical hybrid act performing acoustic sets for ceremony, canapés, and start of the reception.
  • How long does the artist need to setup and pack down?
    Setup is allowed one hour prior to guest arrival, and pack down is included in the quote. Additional fees may apply if more than one hour is needed for setup.
  • Can we have a song for each bridal party couple for the reception entrance?
    Absolutely! This can be arranged, especially if you have booked a DJ element for the reception.
  • How much space do musicians/DJs need?
    Space requirements vary by act. Bands typically need 3m x 3m, while soloists, duos, and DJs require about 2m x 2m. Please speak to your booking agent if space is limited.
  • Can we have multiple songs for the processional?
    Multiple songs for the processional are common, with a recommendation of a maximum of 2 songs.
  • There is no power at the ceremony, what can we do?
    Don't worry! We have high end battery powered speakers we can add to your package. Just let us know!
  • Can we get a demo of our aisle song or first dance to practice to?
    Certainly! Our acts can create a demo of your chosen song for an additional cost (TBA depending on the song and act). For the first dance, especially if choreographed, we recommend playing it from Spotify or a similar platform to ensure everything matches your practice, avoiding surprises on the day. For the aisle song, although you may practise, environmental changes can occur on the day. Our experienced acts excel in adapting to such scenarios, working closely with the celebrant/priest and making on-the-fly adjustments for a perfect moment.

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