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Why choose Unplugged Entertainment for your entertainment requirements?

Unplugged Entertainment: Your Trusted Partner for Memorable Wedding and Corporate Entertainment


When it comes to selecting the perfect entertainment agency for your special event, Unplugged Entertainment stands out from the crowd. As a trusted and experienced management team, we take pride in our personalised approach, dedication to artists' well-being, and long-standing relationships with wedding venues. In this blog post, we'll outline why choosing Unplugged Entertainment over other agencies ensures an exceptional experience for both clients and artists. From our commitment to fair compensation to our intimate knowledge of wedding venues, we offer a unique perspective that sets us apart.

1. Artist Management and Fair Compensation:

At Unplugged Entertainment, we take a different approach to artist management. We personally manage many of our talented artists, allowing us to have a direct and close working relationship with them. This level of involvement ensures that each artist receives the attention and support they deserve, enabling them to deliver their best performances. Moreover, we pride ourselves on charging the lowest fee possible, prioritising fair compensation for our artists. By minimising agency fees, we ensure that the bulk of the investment goes directly to the talented individuals who bring magic to every event.

2. Seasoned Musicians with Industry Expertise:

Our team at Unplugged Entertainment consists of seasoned musicians who have dedicated years to the wedding industry. We understand the nuances, demands, and unique requirements of wedding celebrations. By leveraging our extensive experience, we are able to curate music and entertainment experiences that captivate guests and create lifelong memories. Our deep knowledge of musical genres, repertoire, and performance styles enables us to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a truly unforgettable celebration.

3. Personal Relationships with Venues:

We pride ourselves on having established personal relationships with the majority of wedding venues. Our team has walked the estates of these venues, familiarising ourselves with their layouts, acoustics, and unique characteristics. This intimate knowledge enables us to make informed recommendations to clients, suggesting the most suitable artists and music setups for each venue. Our relationships with venue staff also contribute to seamless coordination and communication, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients.

4. Trust and Respect within the Artist Community:

At Unplugged Entertainment, we consider our artists to be close friends. This level of trust and respect translates into a positive working environment and enhanced performances. When you choose Unplugged Entertainment, you're not only dealing with a management team but also with someone who our artists trust and respect. This mutual trust and understanding facilitate effective communication, smooth collaborations, and a shared commitment to delivering an exceptional entertainment experience for our clients.


Choosing Unplugged Entertainment for your event ensures a personalised, fair, and extraordinary entertainment experience. From our close relationships with artists to our commitment to fair compensation, we prioritise the well-being and talent of our performers.

Our team's extensive experience as seasoned musicians in the wedding industry ensures a deep understanding of your needs and preferences. Moreover, our personal relationships with wedding venues enable us to seamlessly navigate the event space and make informed recommendations.

With Unplugged Entertainment, you can trust that you're partnering with a team that values excellence, integrity, and the creation of unforgettable memories. Reach out today and see why everyone is choosing Unplugged Entertainment: Contact


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