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How long and when do wedding musicians play?

Title: Setting the Rhythm: The Role of Professional Musicians in Wedding Celebrations


When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail matters in creating a magical and unforgettable experience for the couple and their guests. One crucial aspect is the inclusion of professional musicians, who add a touch of elegance and emotion through their carefully timed performances. In this blog post, we'll dive into the specific durations of Unplugged Entertainments professional musicians' sets at various stages of a wedding, ensuring a harmonious and memorable celebration for all.

1. Pre-Ceremony Serenade (15 minutes):

As guests arrive and excitement fills the air, professional musicians provide a melodic prelude to set the perfect tone for the ceremony. Typically, they perform for about 15 minutes, captivating attendees with soothing melodies or enchanting instrumental pieces. This gentle serenade creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, signalling the beginning of a joyous celebration.

2. Ceremony Enhancements (3-4 songs):

The ceremony is the heart of any wedding, and professional musicians enhance its emotional impact with their artistry. During this sacred moment, they perform three carefully selected songs, such as the processional, the registry signing, and the recessional. These heartfelt performances can include soulful vocals, instrumental renditions of meaningful songs, or even original compositions tailored to the couple's love story.

3. Cocktail Hour Charm (45 minutes):

After the ceremony, guests gather for the cocktail hour, a time of mingling, laughter, and celebration. Professional musicians contribute to the atmosphere by providing approximately 45 minutes of live music. Their enchanting melodies and stylish tunes create an ambiance that encourages conversation and adds a touch of sophistication to this lively interlude.

4. Reception Delights (3-4 sets of 45 minutes each):

As guests take their seats for the reception, professional musicians continue to work their magic, providing entertainment throughout the evening. Typically, they perform three to four sets of 45 minutes each, strategically interspersed between courses. These sets feature a mix of romantic ballads, upbeat classics, and crowd-pleasing favorites, catering to diverse musical tastes and creating an inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy during dinner.

5. Dance Floor Frenzy (2-3 hours):

Once the formalities of dinner conclude, it's time to kick off the celebration on the dance floor. Professional musicians, whether they're DJing or performing live, take charge of keeping the energy high and the party going. They typically provide two to three hours of non-stop music, mixing popular hits, timeless classics, and personalised song requests. These electrifying dance sets are designed to keep guests of all ages on their feet, creating unforgettable memories and ensuring a night filled with joy and celebration.


Unplugged Entertainments musicians play a vital role in transforming a wedding into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. From the pre-ceremony serenade to the reception dance floor, their precisely timed performances add a touch of magic and emotion at every stage. By understanding the durations of these musical sets, couples can curate an enchanting atmosphere that reflects their unique love story. So, when planning your dream wedding, remember that entrusting professional musicians to set the rhythm ensures a celebration that will be cherished by all in attendance. See our amazing acts here: Our Artists


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