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Top 5 reasons to choose an Agency.

Agencies have copped a bad rap by the actions of some unscrupulous booking managers and agencies. They have not paid their artists what they deserve, put huge markups on the service, and provided a less than professional service.

So, why not just book a musician direct and not worry about an agency?

Unplugged is founded, owned and run by musicians. We want to provide a service that not only gives agencies an excellent name for both clients and musicians alike, but also gives them the professional, tailored service they deserve.

Here are some excellent reasons to use an agency that you might not be aware of:

Professional responsive service.

We have an extremely high calibre of musicians on our roster, nearly all of them are very busy with their original music careers. They are constantly writing, recording and practising their craft to ensure their level of professionalism matches your expectations of them at your special event.

Musicians therefore enlist the use of an agency as they simply don't have the time to do the required admin, answer questions, and make you feel your investment in their service is worthwhile.

Our response rate at Unplugged is legendary, we hate not getting back to clients asap. Using our agency means you will be looked after every step of your booking.

Music Advice

Not 100% sure on what you need for your special event? Being musician's ourselves, all our staff have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the best manner when choosing the perfect entertainment for your event.

Backing of a professional setup

Being a professionally set up and registered company means we have to abide by rules and regulations, which benefits our clients. We have public liability for all our acts, as well as professional accounting systems, registrations and an ABN.

We have experience and backing in IT resulting in excellent systems for all bookings to ensure alerts and reminders are sent, no double bookings and to top it off, we have an incredible wedding portal for all our couples to utilise.

Experience counts

Between our staff, we have played most Melbourne/Victorian venues. This means we have an intimate knowledge of these venues and can advise if anything needs to be brought to your attention.

Peace of Mind

Although unlikely, should one of our musicians not be able to make your event due to unforeseen circumstances, we will work overtime to make sure your event can still go on.

We can draw from our high calibre roster and have a musician that closely matches your selected artist sub in (subject to your approval of course) and make your event just as special as originally planned.


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