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Wildwood Folk Trio

Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Bass

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Wildwood Folk Trio

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Wildwood Folk Trio

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Wildwood Folk Trio

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Wildwood Folk Trio

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Wildwood Folk Trio

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"Imagine having Mumford and Sons play at your wedding. And then times that by 10. Best. Band. Ever."

average rating is 3 out of 5


Wildwood Folk Trio have a combined experience of over 150 Weddings. 

This is their bread and butter, and they love working with happy couples to make their day as special as possible!  

Wildwood specialise in giving your wedding something extra, they definitely aren't your "stock standard" Wedding Band.  They play a range of current day covers as well as hits from the past to keep everyone happy.  

Wildwood play everything in their own folk/rock style which will make sure everyone gets down on the dance floor.

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