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Tobi Tobi

Vocals, Guitar, Double Bass

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Tobi Tobi

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Tobi Tobi

Stand By Me

Tobi Tobi

Can't help fallin in love

Tobi Tobi

500 Miles

Tobi Tobi

Moon River


Can't Help Falling in Love
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So you guys were just so so special. Honestly, you were spectacular. You made our night and we’re so so glad you could come and be part of our day - we couldn’t imagine it without you!

average rating is 3 out of 5


Tobi Tobi play music for lovers all around the world during ceremonies, canapés, first dances and over dinner.

Double bass, acoustic guitar and vocals, Tobi Tobi learn your favourite songs to make your magic moments even more wondrous.

Playing a variety of music from most genres; old school to new school, Roy Orbison to Beyonce and Mumford and Son’s.

Traveling around the world whilst making weddings unforgettable, is what makes their hearts go boom.

Together Renee & Jamie are the perfect balance of sound and creativity. They share a passion for travel and playing music, which brings them to weddings.

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