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Vocals, Guitar, Looping, DJ

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We are so glad that we had Kat as the acoustic solo and DJ for our wedding. She was really easy to work with and understands our needs immediately. She chose the perfect song for each and every special moment. Not to mention her voice was incredible and can keep our guests on the dance floor all night! All the guests have been telling us how amazing she was that night. Also, Leighton has been really responsive to emails and would follow up at the right time. The portal was easy to navigate. I would highly recommend Unplugged Entertainment and Kat to anyone who’s looking for a wedding musician. Do Not Waste Your Time! BOOK THEM!

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Kat is a seasoned professional with years of experience as both an acoustic singer and DJ. Her musical versatility shines as she effortlessly transitions between soulful acoustic performances and energetic DJ sets.

Known for her enchanting vocals and skillful guitar playing, Kat adds a creative twist by incorporating a loop pedal, creating a rich sonic tapestry.

With a thriving career of over 150 annual gigs, including weddings and venue performances, Kat's commitment to excellence is evident in her polished presentation and meticulous attention to detail.

"I pour my heart and soul into every performance and set. As a passionate acoustic singer and DJ, my goal is to make your event a truly unforgettable musical experience."

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