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DJ West

DJ West


  • Check out our incredible acts in action. They can also tailor their sets to suit your event, and have a huge range of songs to suit the vibe.

  • DJ West is a musical virtuoso who lives and breathes the rhythms of life. His journey through the world of music began with a saxophone in his school band, where he first discovered the enchanting language of melodies.

    As he stepped into his teenage years, West's musical horizons expanded as he embarked on a thrilling path as a DJ. He found himself behind the decks, orchestrating unforgettable nights at his schoolmates' 16th birthday parties, where his talent for mixing and crafting euphonic journeys began to shine.

    In his early 20s, DJ West ventured into the realm of music production, crafting a diverse array of sounds that traverse genres, including house, techno, and more. It was in 2020 that he achieved a significant milestone by releasing two mesmerizing afro house tracks in collaboration with Edger, one of which soared to the 35th position on the Beatport chart, a testament to his unwavering dedication and talent.

    Arlo's passion for music has taken him on a journey along the East Coast, where he graced the stages of various music festivals, leaving audiences in awe at events like Esoteric, Wild Horses, Trancendance, Archaic Gathering, and Tanglewood.

    But the story doesn't end there. During the winter, Arlo curated a weekly techno night in Cairns, which garnered immense success and added another feather to his cap. Now, he's back in Melbourne for the summer, armed with a plethora of exciting events and more musical releases that are bound to set the world dancing.

    DJ West's musical voyage continues to be a thrilling ride, promising to carry us away on the waves of his electrifying beats and unforgettable performances. Keep an ear out for his upcoming releases and prepare to be swept away by the magic of DJ West's music.

  • Open format, can play any genres and style.

  • Beyond technical skill, DJ West exhibited an innate sense of showmanship. Engaging with the crowd, he effortlessly created a connection that transformed the event into an immersive experience. West's infectious enthusiasm was palpable, and it was evident that he was as passionate about the music as the crowd dancing before him.

    John Gorter

    I recently had the pleasure of experiencing DJ West's musical prowess at a local event, and it was nothing short of sensational. From start to finish, DJ West had the crowd captivated with an eclectic mix of beats that transcended genres and kept the energy levels soaring.

    Kate Meffan

Check out our incredible acts in action. They can also tailor their sets to suit your event, and have a huge range of songs to suit the vibe.

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