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Angus and Joey

Dual Vocals, Two Guitars, Looping, DJ

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Angus and Joey

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Angus and Joey

All Night Long

Angus and Joey

I Like Me Better

Angus and Joey



I like me better
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I hired Joey and Angus for my wedding in October last year and the whole process was fantastic from start to finish. The performed beautifully and were a wonderful touch to our ceremony. Thanks so much!

average rating is 3 out of 5


Joey and Angus are a Melbourne based acoustic looping duo.


They each bring their individuality to life during their performances, putting a unique personal spin on current top 40 tracks all the way to classics from the 60's.


They are sure to have you singing every word while dancing the night away. Both being experienced musicians, at the young age of 23, they are sure to interact with and involve a crowd of all ages with their charismatic & exciting performance style.


Being able to loop and record live, it will sound like a full band right before your eyes. 

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