Lua Lua

These incredible musicians can create beautiful atmospheres, or up the tempo for something more exciting!

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Lua Lua is the joint cover music project of Paul Cooper & Tamblyne Brittaine. 


Based in Melbourne, this modern duo showcases the many multi-talented skills that both Paul & Tammy possess as seasoned musicians. Lua Lua harbours a range of variations within their act; featuring the classic & timeless instrumentation of piano & violin both in its classical form & contemporary as well as dual vocals, synth, beats and guitar. 


Lua Lua have the ability to produce full lively soundscapes as well as ambient & relaxing atmospheres. They can also add a percussionist for a bigger sound and really get the dance floor going!


Sharyn Bednarz

Lua Lua were extremely accomodating to our musical interests and were flexible with the type of music they could play for our wedding. They were punctual, professional and very personable. My husband and I would highly recommend Lua Lua to play for all occasions. Thank you so much for making our wedding day a beautiful and memorable one!

Marie Moore

Lua Lua played at my sisters wedding and they were amazing. Both Tammy and Paul were extremely professional and punctual, not only at the real ceremony but also at the rehearsal. The best thing about this duo is that they aren't just your typical cover band, they are amazing musicians with an alternative edge with spine tingling vocals. I just wanted to watch them all night and so did the crowd. Thank you Lua Lua for a great night!



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