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Vocals, Guitar, Looping

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Accidentally In Love


Wake me up


February 14th (Original Song)
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Jordan-Ravi is an Australian singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born and raised in Darwin, Australia. Influenced by artists and bands such as John Mayer, Coldplay and Maroon 5 Jordan has developed a style consisting of unique guitar and musical arrangements coupled with soulful and emotional lyrics. 

Whilst just turning 19, he has taken his talent across the globe to America’s Got Talent (season14) wowing Simon Cowell with two rippling performances and representing his home turf on Eurovision Australia Decides in 2020 shortly after. Jordan has opened for Aussie superstar acts including Tones and I and Amy Shark using only his acoustic guitar and loop station to entertain crowds of thousands. 

Gaining a TikTok following of over 90k followers collectively showcasing his original compositions and viral raw acoustic street performances (over 2.4 Mil views) in the heart of Melbourne city where he honed his craft amongst the best. Ravi has gone from strength to strength since his release of ‘Leaving L.A.’, a sombre upbeat acoustic ballad depicting his experience on one of the largest TV platforms in the world to his recent up-tempo love ballads like ‘February 14th’ and ‘Scorpio Love’ depicting the complexity of romance involving the ‘Scorpio’ astrology sign. 

Jordan’s eagerness to develop his own musical style began at the tender age of 6 when listening to his father’s concert DVD’s of bands such as AC/DC and has absorbed various musical influences since and continues to push the boundaries of what a guitarist, singer songwriter is capable of.

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