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Jess and Ali

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Jess and Ali

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Jess and Ali

Watermelon sugar

Jess and Ali

Until I found you


Until i found you
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Presenting Jess & Ali, an acclaimed duo with a decade of stage excellence. From weddings to corporate functions, their journey is a tapestry of musical prowess. They've graced their own original shows, toured with Australian icons, and dazzled corporate audiences.

With Jess's vocal finesse, Ali's guitar mastery, and Jess's rhythmic percussion, they craft an unparalleled ambiance. Onstage chemistry and harmonies resonate, etching memories.

With consummate professionalism, Jess & Ali redefine events. Elevate your special day with their musical enchantment, wide repertoire, and genuine connection. Choose Jess & Ali for an unforgettable experience.

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