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Jazz Pocket Trio

Saxophone, Keyboards & Drums

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Jazz Pocket Trio

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Jazz Pocket Trio

Park Hyatt Showreel

Jazz Pocket Trio

Wildfire Showreel


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Jazz Pocket Trio has a fantastic sound, and me and my wife loved their music for a wedding. We love jazz and having a live band playing all the songs we love was perfect. Thank you again!

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jazz Pocket Trio, a compact ensemble hailing from Sydney, may be small in size, but their music is a vibrant and dynamic experience. Comprising saxophones, keyboards, and drums, they effortlessly cover a wide range of genres, including classic jazz standards, funk, blues, soul, bossa, and Latin rhythms, while also putting their unique spin on beloved tunes.

These musicians have a genuine passion for their craft, and their primary goal is to entertain and create an enjoyable atmosphere. They are highly adaptable and attuned to the vibe of your event, readily taking requests to ensure a tailored experience. Whether you prefer a subtle background ambience or an energetic dance floor, Jazz Pocket Trio is ready to make your event truly special.

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