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Jax N Josh

Piano, Guitar, Dual Vocals, DJ

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Jax N Josh

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Jax N Josh

You and me

Jax N Josh

Close your eyes


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We had the pleasure of having Jax N Josh perform at our wedding in Lake Como. They were amazing as always and really gave our wedding that romantic garden party vibe we were after. Jax and Josh are both so talented! Thanks again!!

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Hailing originally from Melbourne and now based on the Gold Coast, these two individuals were nurtured in musically inclined families. Both embarked on their musical journeys early, delving into a diverse repertoire of classical and contemporary material. Although their paths initially diverged, a shared passion for performance propelled them onto stages across the globe. Their experiences range from intimate local venues to live television performances, demonstrating their versatility in various performance settings.

Today, Jax and Josh unite their talents and passions to provide a top-tier product and entertainment experience to couples celebrating their weddings and corporate events on a national scale.

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