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Mukul is an incredibly gifted musician with a voice that will make every event a success!

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Mukul is a Melbourne based Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Beatboxer, Keyboard Player, Producer and Pizza Enthusiast. 

Playing since the age of 6, Mukul is an autodidact who started performing professionally in 2012.

Having performed over 400 shows in India through 2018 & 19, Mukul moved to Australia to undertake further studies in Music in 2020.

He started Busking and performing shows professionally in Melbourne starting 2020.

He calls his genre experimental, coming from a mix of Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk and Metal. He aims to provide a full band experience with just his voice and a guitar by using percussive guitar, beatbox, bass elements and synth guitar elements.


We originally heard Mukul singing at a bar in Chapel Street and grabbed his card. Lucky, as last minute when we decided we needed a live music act for our wedding we got in touch with Unplugged!

It was a fantastic choice! Mukul knew such beautiful love songs, and performed them with his unique style.
If you haven’t heard Mukul sing, his voice is a cut above the rest, his pitch is perfect and his runs are long and beautiful.
I am a singer myself, and have an ear for music and can easily hear off notes, I can confidently say that Mukul has fine tuned his art to a point where he is so well rehearsed he just doesn’t go off key. Not to mention, his unique style when singing covers is unforgettable.
Thanks Mukul, your performance was excellent and exactly what we were after.
Choosing you as our wedding music act was a choice I was personally very proud of. Until next time!


I first noticed Mukul Jiwnani play at Abacus and was blown away by his voice and presence. I took his details and hired him to play for our private party. It was then I was exposed to the full range of music he could play. He started of with a fantastic range of chilled music and further expanding toward a more up-tempo style naturally evolving the party with him. We requested an extension of time as he was so good. The type of music he played was perfect, his voice was speaks for itself and to top it all off he is a really nice bloke. I believe he will do very well in the future and I look forward to seeing him again.



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