Infinity have an incredible sound with the most talented musicians around!

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Can also DJ


Infinity are an exceptionally sophisticated and professional band with a mix of very talented musicians all individually and as a group very experienced and each at the top of their respective fields.

They come as a mix of ensembles either a smaller trio or a full five piece band, fronted by the talented young lead vocalist, Angel. With a serenading tone, powerful voice and a stunning stage presence, she captivates her audiences with her outstanding vocal abilities leaving them with an unforgettable experience with every performance. Angel brings with her years of industry experience with corporate events, weddings, festivals and studio professional recordings.

Together this group can provide an outstanding, interactive and memorable experience for any corporate, wedding or birthday event.


THANH and DYLAN (keys and guitar) are amazing musicians. Both are experienced within many facets of the industry in their respective fields at major events, weddings, corporate and in studio recording sessions with record labels and producers.


DRUMMER: DAVID  - David's grass roots are back in the US Las Vegas. He is a multi-talented American musician with a melodic and rhythmic rapping technique. He also MC's and DJ's, able to bring excitement to every performance.

KEYBOARD: JOSIE  - Josie is a talented keyboard/pianist, able to manipulate the keyboard sounds to replicate or enhance each song perfectly. She also is an amazing backup vocalist.

BASS: GUSTAV - Gus is an incredible base player who brings another level to the band, able to work with Dylan to create melody in each song.

GUITAR: DYLAN - Dylan our amazingly talented guitarist! He can transform to a one man band with his looping and beats pedals and play riffs that make the crowd go wild.



Solo Acts


Duo Acts

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