Peter Molloy And Rebecca Mills's Wedding

Fri Feb 01 2019


Seacroft, Sugarloaf VIC


0438 88 66 50

Your Ceremony

Outside on the lawn at seacroft

4pm - 4:45pm

Processional/Aisle Song

Big Jet plane for bridesmaids/ if possible a slower and sweeter version of 500 miles by the proclaimers for the bridal walk

Recessional/Exit Song

how sweet it is

Signing Song

Can't help falling in love with you

Other Music

More info:

Our ceremony is starting bang on at 4pm, so if Joey can be set up outside before then and be ready before 4 that would be great.

Canapes / Cocktail Hour

Canapes will be outside but Joey will need to move inside and be ready before reception starts.

5pm - 6:15

More info:

Just lounge music here, the bar will be open and canapes going around, so happy with song choice at Joey's discretion. But Joey will just need to move from outside to inside before reception stars, we will have a speaker outside with an Ipod while Joey is moving from outside to inside.

Wedding Reception

Inside the Chapel room at Seacroft

6:15- till late

Entrance Song

Crazy little thing called love



First Dance

Can't take my eyes off of you



More info:

I (Pete) personally love a bit of hip-hop and R&B covers, there will be a bunch of Americans there, so that would go down a treat. We're both pretty cruisy so mostly anything will go alright. Just not too keen on the Biebs or Taylor Swift.

Also looking to do a father daughter dance, with the song as, Little Ray of Sunshine.


Songs you love:


No Diggity

Don't stop believing


Staying alive

Songs you prefer not to hear:

Anything by Justin Bieber not keen on

Taylor Swift either


Joey Cirillo


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