Kylie And Rhys's Wedding

Fri Mar 15 2019


Sault Restaurant, Daylesford

4:45 - 11:00 pm

Jodi Flockhart, 5348 6555

Your Ceremony

Same venue (Sault) - Barn

Guests arrive at 4:45 pm for a 5 pm start,

Processional/Aisle Song

Can't Help Falling in Love (slow/acoustic version)

Recessional/Exit Song

Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World (acoustic version)

Signing Song

Use Somebody (acoustic version)

Other Music

More info:

Please play music before the ceremony as guests arrive/are seated. Once the ceremony ends and everyone leaves, please move to the veranda to set up for music during the canapes.

Canapes / Cocktail Hour

Same venue (Sault) - Veranda/Garden

6:00 - 6:45 pm

More info:

After the ceremony, move to the veranda to set up for music during the canapes (exact location to be confirmed with the venue). Guests will be invited to move from the barn to the garden/veranda area after the ceremony. After canapes, they will be asked to move inside at about 6:45/7 pm. Move inside to be ready for the bridal party entrance just after 7. If it's raining, the canapes will be held inside.

Wedding Reception

Same venue (inside the restaurant)

7:00 pm to 11 pm

Entrance Song

1. Shane and Anne: Lonely Boy, the Black Keys; 2. Mitchell and Katie: Shiny Disco Balls; 3. Asher and Tara: Sweet Caroline; 4. Kylie and Rhys: Everlong, Foo Fighters



First Dance

Bonfire Heart, James Blunt (could you play it at the same tempo as your YouTube video?)



More info:


Same venue

Following bridal dance (about 9:15 - 11:00 pm)

More info:

Hopefully people will be dancing, so keep the music upbeat if possible! Happy for you to take song requests from people.


Songs you love:

Anything by Mumford & Sons

Anything by Foo Fighters

Big Jet Plane



Songs you prefer not to hear:

Summer of 69

Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire

You're the one - John Farnham

Twist and Shout - The Beatles

The Gambler


Tom Carty


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